Room: Varias salas

Promoter: Gobierno Vasco

The Department of Labour and Employment of the Basque Government is organising the 2nd Conference on Inclusion in the Basque Country with the aim of reflecting on the policies being developed in this community in relation to the prevention of exclusion. During the conference, which coincides with the parliamentary processing of the new Basque Income Guarantee and Inclusion System Act, the basic elements of the 5th Basque Inclusion Plan, which is currently being drawn up, will be presented. Along these lines, the objectives of the conference are basically threefold:

  • To reflect on the needs of people in situations of exclusion and on the most appropriate policies for the prevention of these situations.
  • To learn about other experiences of planning services for inclusion developed in other territories around us.
  • To present the strategic elements of the new Basque Inclusion Plan.

During the conference, the opinion and position of the users of the services and benefits for inclusion will also be gathered, and the methodologies and results of the participation processes carried out with people in a situation or at risk of exclusion will be presented.

Finally, during the afternoon session, some of the projects promoted by the Department of Labour and Employment and which may form part of the Basque Inclusion Plan will be presented.