Room: Varias salas

Promoter: Donantes de Sangre de Gipuzkoa

Pink Force Daywas held on the weekend of 26-27 November 2021 in the capital of Gipuzkoa. The Pink Force Foundation is a non-profit organization whose objective is “to bring happiness and enthusiasm to sick children” and that “supports organizations that promote initiatives that reinforce family members and patients with different pathologies”. With these conferences they support the Association of Blood Donors of Gipuzkoa.

The Donor Association wanted to link the Star Wars force with young people, encouraging them to become donors. They also liked the more active participation of young people in donation, as it is important to renew the pool of donors both to keep the number of donations stable and to maintain the quality of the plasma obtained.

For the donors, it was a public holiday, the aim of which was to recognise and celebrate the work of donation, so no donations were made on that day. The Donors Association also joined the Ambassadroid movement by participating in its first international membership meeting, which was attended by Albin Johnson, Honorary President of The Pink Force Foundation and founder of the 501st Legion, an international Star Wars fan association with over 14,000 members worldwide.

In recognition of the work of the Donors, they participated in the solidarity march and had preferential access to the photocall area.

The event has been a mixture of open and shared activities with the society: Concert that has also included a Talk by Albin Johnson, Solidarity Walk, Photocalls, Donation Information Table, R2KT units, …