The Miramar Palace launches a new image, beginning a new journey under the management and experience of the Kursaal Center team.

The new identity tries to evoke the architectural style of the Palace, highlighting its angular forms so present on the outside and inside the building. Estudio Husmee, author of the brand, has chosen to compose the brand in capital letters, which in addition to providing it with a rectilinear morphology, gives it a more solemn and stately character. In addition, a variant of the letters “A” of the logo has been used, which lack a transverse pole and allude to its characteristic gabled roofs. This exercise gives the brand a greater identity and also makes it possible to form the initial letter “M” that acts as a symbol.

The brand is made up of three elements; the symbol, the “Miramar” logo and the description “Palacio / Jauregia”. Playing with the elements that compose it (Logo / Symbol / Description) and that can work separately, the brand adopts various versions that allow it to be integrated into the various formats and platforms. In this way, a sober and timeless brand is created, which brings freshness and modernizes the image of Miramar in a harmony of contrasts between the modern and the traditional.