Los Cursos de Verano de la UPV/EHU presentan su 41 edición


Esta mañana, Jokin Bildarratz, consejero de Educación de Gobierno Vasco, Roberto Iñíguez de Onsoño, director de personal de Irizar S Coop., Agustín Erkizia, vicerrector del campus de Gipuzkoa de la UPV/EHU e Itziar Alkorta,

ChemOn Tubes 2022


The Miramar Palace hosted the international congress 'ChemOnTubes' on the chemistry of graphene, carbon nanotubes and related materials, organised by the CIC biomaGUNE. The congress featured a total of 11 speakers who are

Miramar Palace presents its new brand


The Miramar Palace launches a new image, beginning a new journey under the management and experience of the Kursaal Center team. The new identity tries to evoke the architectural style of the Palace, highlighting

The AEMI 2021 Conference is held in the Basque Country


The 2021 Conference of the Association of European Migration Institutions - AEMI - has been held in Euskadi, organized by the Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad of the Basque Government at the Miramar

More than six countries meet at the IN4BT conference


The Miramar Palace has hosted the final conference of the European project #IN4BTE, led by the ASLE business association. Agents, experts and social economy companies from more than 6 countries have come together

Miramar, new headquarters of EIT Manufacturing


As of this month of May, the Miramar Palace becomes a reference centre for innovation in manufacturing at a European level with the help of EIT Manufacturing, which will coordinate its activities in Spain,